Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch enters into a strategic partnership with Ubiikki

We are proud to announce that Ubiikki and Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch (ÖBV) have entered into a partnership agreement in 2017. Founded already in 1772 by empress Maria Theresia, ÖBV has a long history of publishing educational material in Austria. Today ÖBV is a modern privately owned company committed to quality and innovation in both printed and digital materials.

“We entered into a strategic partnership with Ubiikki so that we can develop a compelling digital product offering for the Austrian educational market. Cloubi provides the flexibility as a digital learning platform to respond to current and future market needs, supporting the digitalization of Austria’s educational sector”, says Klaus Baier, Director of Content Fabrication & Digital Solutions at Österreichischer Bundesverlag Schulbuch.

“We are delighted to have ÖBV in the Cloubi Community. During the piloted projects we have witnessed the great potential we have in bringing together the expertise of our two organizations to develop innovative new digital learning materials,” says Ubiikki’s CEO Tero Rynkä.