Structure Editor

Structure Editor The Structure Editor is a one of the key parts of the Cloubi toolset, designed to support an efficient content production process. The Editor allows you to define and control the structure of your digital learning product by wrapping content pages into different themes and navigation models - resulting [...]

Page Editor

Page Editor The new Page Editor is the tool for designing and creating content pages within your product. With the Page Editor you can produce interactive, responsive content that engages and motivates the learner. It incorporates an advanced WYSIWYG editor that lets you craft the interactive content page directly within your [...]

Task Editor

Task Editor Cloubi is appraised for its interactive features. The Task Editor - incorporated in the Page Editor - offers over 40 different types of pedagogically validated digital tasks and exercises with a wide range of features that make content creation exciting and eliminate the need for programming. These functionalities include [...]


Library Unlike conventional media libraries, you can store virtually any asset on a content page - or the whole content page itself - in the Library with all its settings and configurations. This includes all text (be it a header, ingress or full text section), media (such as images, video, audio [...]

Adaptivity Editor

Adaptivity Editor Cloubi supports creating adaptive learning materials. The Adaptivity Editor lets you design and build individual learning paths using an advanced rule engine and task difficulty level metadata. You can create automated paths according to the learner’s performance in the previous task or paths based on recommendation, offering the learner [...]