Cloubi Community Meet 2018 was held in Helsinki on May 15-16. This time around Helsinki really showed us its best sides, as the warm and sunny weather astonished all – including us locals!

Suomenlinna, Helsinki’s historically significant fortress island, offered the perfect venue for our annual Cloubi Community Meet. The Suomenlinna fortress island is located just outside Helsinki’s city centre and is accessible by public ferry.

This year’s Cloubi Community Meet gathered some 40 participants from 9 different countries. The participants, who were representing Cloubi’s educational publishing partners, took part in the two-day event to learn about the latest Cloubi updates, listen to interesting presentations and of course to learn from each other through workshops and the new addition to the event – and instant success – speed dating.

On the first day of the event we had the pleasure of listening to our two keynote speakers, Beth Havinga, Managing Director at Connect EdTech exploring EdTech market trends and the future in education, and Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki enlightening us on assessment and evaluation. The second day was opened by Markku Pelkonen, Business Director at Otava Learning, who presented their Content-first Driven Strategy. After that it was speed dating on the agenda, after which the Cloubi Community Meet 2018 ended with Kokoa Agency’s presentation on pedagogical usability.

It wouldn’t be a Cloubi Community Meet without the relaxed atmosphere, fun and games. On the evening of the first community meet day we explored the Suomenlinna fortress island, tasted our very own refreshing and “easy going” beer, Cloubeer, and some of us took the opportunity to enjoy the original Finnish sauna experience. Our evening programme concluded with dinner and a music performance by Mammantytöt, Finnish folk music with a modern twist. Check them out on Spotify if you want to reminisce the pleasant vibes.

A warm thank you to all participants and keynote speakers of Cloubi Community Meet 2018. You make the event unforgettable. Until next time!