Dashboard The Dashboard offers content producers an overview of the latest activities in their workspaces. The dashboard helps you easily locate products you have been working with recently and it provides you with an activity log that keeps you up-to-date on the latest changes within each product. [...]

Product Management

Product Management The Products view enables creating new products and assigning specific rights and roles to users who will work on the productions. It also allows for the duplication of any product for easy version control, later reuse or localization, for example. [...]

Task Editor

Task Editor Cloubi is appraised for its interactive features. The Task Editor - incorporated in the Page Editor - offers over 40 different types of pedagogically validated digital tasks and exercises with a wide range of features that make content creation exciting and eliminate the need for programming. These functionalities include [...]


Library Unlike conventional media libraries, you can store virtually any asset on a content page - or the whole content page itself - in the Library with all its settings and configurations. This includes all text (be it a header, ingress or full text section), media (such as images, video, audio [...]

Gamification Editor

Gamification Editor The Cloubi platform enables a range of gamification features within your digital learning materials. These features are set with the Gamification Editor: add avatars for the learners, use task scores to award trophies, activate badges after levels are completed, and more. Trophies Badges Avatars [...]

Adaptivity Editor

Adaptivity Editor Cloubi supports creating adaptive learning materials. The Adaptivity Editor lets you design and build individual learning paths using an advanced rule engine and task difficulty level metadata. You can create automated paths according to the learner’s performance in the previous task or paths based on recommendation, offering the learner [...]

Theme Editor

Theme Editor The theme of a Cloubi product determines the product type: the navigation model and visual appeal of the whole digital learning material. You can apply different themes to previously created products with the click of a button, changing how the product looks and feels to the learners. The Theme [...]