Gamification Editor

Gamification Editor The Cloubi platform enables a range of gamification features within your digital learning materials. These features are set with the Gamification Editor: add avatars for the learners, use task scores to award trophies, activate badges after levels are completed, and more. Trophies Badges Avatars [...]

Adaptivity Editor

Adaptivity Editor Cloubi supports creating adaptive learning materials. The Adaptivity Editor lets you design and build individual learning paths using an advanced rule engine and task difficulty level metadata. You can create automated paths according to the learner’s performance in the previous task or paths based on recommendation, offering the learner [...]

Reporting & Analytics Module

OPTIONAL MODULE Reporting & Analytics Module Cloubi offers advanced learning analytics. The platform tracks and monitors students’ progress within the digital learning materials automatically, resulting in reports for different user groups on different levels. For students A window into personal progress: scores, time spent and communication from the [...]

Tests Module

OPTIONAL MODULE Tests Module Publishers can create pools of Cloubi tasks for teachers to utilize for testing and evaluation purposes. The Tests Module allows teachers to compile tests and exams based on the task pool and easily operate the digital testing situation: send personalized invitation links or activation codes, activate [...]